Well, I just found out yesterday that my grant proposal for the office renovations and supplies was accepted! As soon as I receive a contact letter from the grant administration we can finally begin renovations. I’m still hoping to open in September to October. The plans for the building are finalized with some minor tweaking to continue as the space is renovated. This is definite progress and I’m looking forward to great things. I am very thankful for all that I have been blessed with so far in this process and I pray for God’s continued wisdom and guidance through Christ my Lord. 

All of the details with setting up the office with the NC Medical Board have been finalized and I received my articles of incorporation for the business not too long ago. It’s definitely happening and I’m very excited. 

I am also getting ready to send out letters to patients informing them of my Symposium May 8th which will be held in the conference center at Martin General Hospital. I’m looking forward to sharing this vision and practice model with the community. 

Thats all for now, more to come as further progress is made!

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