Transparent Pricing

At Cornerstone Family Medicine, we believe that there should be no question about what you’re paying for.

All of our procedure costs, monthly subscriptions, and fees are available when you want them. 

Accessible Healthcare

Part of the promise of direct primary care is that you have complete access to your physician.  You can get in touch by phone, text, or email and in some cases live video.

We’re here for you, whenever you need us.

Affordable Services

Not only are our services and fees transparent, but they’re also extremely affordable.  For the same cost as your monthly cell phone bill, you can have direct access to your physician, and that’s just the icing on the cake.  We also have specialists available for consult at no cost to you.

We’re constantly working to offer more access and services to you at a low monthly price.

High Quality Medicine

Traditional primary care practices cart you in, make you wait for an hour, then allow you 5 minutes with the physician before they walk you out the door with a bill your insurance didn’t cover, large enough to pay for a whole month of a DPC subscription for a family of 5!

We believe in quality time spent with your physician.  And studies prove that more time equals better results and care.  We aim to be a part of that statistic.

Sponsors and Memberships

Cornerstone Family Medicine is involved in Washington, Beaufort County, North Carolina, and our nation as a contributor to organizations that provide for those who need assistance. Click below to view the organizations Cornerstone sponsors.


Cornerstone Family Medicine is a direct primary care family medicine practice. That’s a mouth full, I know!

No Hidden Costs

What this means is that we are committed to providing affordable and comprehensive care to patients of all ages (newborn and up) without the strain of billing insurance. All of our prices are transparent and upfront. There are no “behind the scenes” costs which you may experience with traditional insurance-based clinics.

Subscription Based Service

Direct Primary Care is a form of payment method for medical services performed within the primary care setting. This model involves patients paying “directly” for services provided out-of-pocket to the practice. The key here is that those out-of-pocket expenses are much less and more affordable than you may think. And, this becomes a contract between patient and physician, the way it ought to be, not your insurance company.

Cost Reduction

Over 75% of medical care in our country occurs in primary care. Direct Primary Care is an alternative model of providing for the costs that occur in the primary care setting at a much lower rate, thereby saving the healthcare system millions of dollars. Insurance is important for the remaining 25% to cover those catastrophic events, but when it comes to primary care, Direct Primary Care physicians can greatly reduce the costs of labs, x-rays, and procedures and transfer those savings to the patient.



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